Your HEALTH is your #1 ASSET! But without a rock solid Mindset, your health becomes passive.
I've never been more CRYSTAL CLEAR on what I want & need out of my life - physically, mentally, professional and within my relationships. But it wasn't without investing the time back into myself to assess where my head was at and why I limited myself. 
We are all meant to do great things. We just have to stop playing small! 
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What is the Mindset Mastery Coaching Program? 

It's basically the no-excuse, let's cut the BS out of our life and learn how to create lifestyle and habitual changes - type of Coaching program. 

We can do all the mind mapping, colorful bubbles and pretty cut-outs until we are blue in the face. But without addressing the strength of your mindset and how it applies to achieving those things - they are just that - colorful and pretty cut-outs. 

Nothing has every fallen from the sky for me. Has it for you? 

Likely not. Where you are at today, is likely a result of the hard work you've put in to getting where are at. Or the lack thereof.

Whether you haven't....

Hit your weight loss goals...

Gotten your business of the ground...

Hit your goals within your job...

Resolved martial issues...

Blessed & released a toxic relationship...

It all starts with your current mindset. Address the root cause and then let's get to work! 

Who it's for?
  • Business owners (established or wanting to start)
  • Employees looking to promote within
  • Dr's, Lawyers, CEO's, Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, etc
  • Stay At Home Moms/Dad's
  • Students looking towards Entrepreneurship
  • Anyone that wants to LIVE & DO MORE
  • Individuals looking for clarity
What do you get:
  • Weekly 1 Hr Live Coaching Call w/ Q & A. Each call will be action oriented, so plan to work.
  • Core 4 Workbook w/ 30 Day Goal Mapping
  • Access to Fit Studio ($9.99 mthly value)
  • Access to Eating for Energy Course ($119 value)
  • Monthly, seasonal meal ideas ($29/mthly value)
  • Accountability (INVALUABLE)
  • Collaboration with others members to support, connect and network with your goals (again, INVALUABLE)
  • Coaching content & material from the Mentors & Experts I've invested into ($2,000 value)
When we start:
  • Registration opens Jan 2nd – Jan 9th.
  • January 10th is go time!
How much:
  • Only $97 monthly (Over $2,000 in value!)
  • Membership access indefinite or until cancelled.
  • One membership per person.
You likely came to me at first, because you wanted to lose weight, eat better and workout with intention. But in peeling back the onion with a lot of my 1:1 clients, a comment theme came to head - MINDSET. 
If you don't have a solid handle on your mindset, losing weight, getting that promotion, launching your business or resolving relationships, was never going to happen! There's a reason we get into these start & stop patterns!
We've got some work to do and this Coaching program is going to allow you to peel back the onion, focus on the 4 CORE PRINCIPLES  to not only help you establish a 90-Day HARD TARGET, but reverse engineer it and EXECUTE on your goals. 
SET & EXECUTE those goals! 
No more just writing it down, praying on it and hoping it comes to fruition -  we are DOING THE WORK!

 But here's something cool.....If you own a business, work in a Real Estate office, Insurance office or have a "Team" of sorts - I'd like to encourage you to invite them to join us. I will be offering a "group" rate for your offices or Teams. Message me back for details on that!
Ok, you ready?